Performance Architect update 37/2011 - a year in review

The end of June marks in Australia the end of the financial year, a time to evaluate the past 12 months and reconfirm the plans for the next 12 months. In terms of growth, figures speak for themselves:

  • 6500 KPI examples documented;
  • 1034 KPIs in Practice reports analyzed and cataloged;
  • 410 Blog posts written;
  • 40 Example of organizational objectives listed;
  • 36 iKPI profiles developed;
  • 21 Performance Panorama interviews published.

Enabling these results are thousands of hours our research team spent on researching and analysing tens of thousands of performance management resources. The insights gained as part of this work were captured in a series of premium products launched over the last few months:

  • smartKPIs Premium, containing 1500 KPI examples documented in over 30 fields;
  • The Top KPIs of 2010 series of research reports, with 17 launched so far outlining over 400 KPI examples, proved to be the most popular with members of the community in 2010;
  • pre-populated templates, containing 24 products supporting the deployment of KPIs in organizations through scorecards, dashboard and entire performance management systems.

Over the year, members of the team travelled for research, conferences or workshop facilitation in Australia, England, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar, Romania, Scotland, UAE and Vietnam, reconfirming the commitment to learn from practice, integrate academic rigour/insights and deliver practical solutions.

Attending and presenting at conferences was an excellent opportunity to test new ideas and keep up to date with developments in both performance management academic research and the use of performance management systems in practice. The tens of workshops delivered in multicultural environments, enabled the team to transfer knowledge and learn at the same time about the challenges organizations are faced with in the area of performance management.

In terms of plans for the next 12 months, they are summarised by three words: quality, integration and learning. Continue to learn and facilitate learning in the area of performance management, develop quality content and design solutions for easy integration in organizations. For members of the community, this will translate in more free content as well as affordable tools, training and advice to support their performance management efforts and much more.

Stay smart! Enjoy!

Aurel Brudan
Performance Architect,

Walker, Rob 1992, “Rank Xerox – Management Revolution”, Long Range Planning, Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 9 to 21

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