Professional presentation

aurel-brudan-performance-architectAurel Brudan is an international expert in Performance Management and a leading representative of a new generation of researchers and consultants that are reshaping the discipline. What sets Aurel apart is a unique combination of experience, education, innovation and passion for performance architecture.

For the last 10 years, Aurel worked in Europe, USA and Australia, specializing in organizational performance management in industries such as financial services, real estate, operations, services, as well as the federal, state government and non-profit sectors. Aurel also has extensive experience in Procurement and Project Management, at both project delivery and PMO operations levels. As consultant he conducted numerous performance management systems implementations using solutions such as the Balanced Scorecard, operational dashboards and functional performance scorecards. Among the most important clients are: Australia Post, National Australian Bank, the Australian Federal Administration and the Victorian Government.
Aurel’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics / Marketing and a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation at Melbourne Business School (in progress). Aurel is also in the final stages of his PhD. candidature at the University of Melbourne, researching Integrated Performance Management Frameworks. His certifications in Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF 9) and Project Management (PRINCE 2 Practitioner) complement his extensive performance management acumen.

Aurel has published a number of forward thinking academic articles on performance management topics and has presented at both academic and practitioner conferences at international level. He also established www.smartKPIs.com, an online platform for performance management knowledge integration that includes over 5000 KPI examples and 1000 reports illustrating the use of performance measures in practice. The portal is supported by a community of members from over 150 countries and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each month.
As an educator, Aurel accumulated hundreds of hours of experience in a variety of settings, from open and in-house training delivery, to tutoring management for the University of Melbourne. Aurel is a member of the Academy of Management, the Australian New Zealand Academy of Management and the Australian Marketing Institute. He is also a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Conference Papers and Presentations

• April 2009 – Rediscovering Performance Management. Presented at the 2009 Performance Measurement Association Conference.

• October 2008 – Performance management – Emergence as a discipline and research agenda. Presented at the 2008 International Conference on Business Excellence

• October 2005 – Balanced Scorecard typology and organisational impact. Presented at the 2005 actKM Forum Knowledge Management Conference.

Industry Publications and Presentations

• April 2009 – Performance by beautiful design. Presented at the 2009 Performance Measurement Association Conference.

• November 2008 – New directions in organisational performance management – for the China-Australia Governance Program 2008

• October 2004 – Creating knowledge-based environments. in the Public Service by using the Balanced Scorecard – An APS Implementation Case Study. Presented at the 2004 actKM Forum Knowledge Management Conference.

On a personal note

About what inspires me and the role of this blog:

Exploring. Exploring new ideas, making new connections and integrating knowledge. This is what drives my academic research and informs my professional practice.

Nature. I find nature both beautiful and inspiring. While it has inspired arts for centuries, I find learning from nature can inspire not only design, but also business practices.

Architecture. To me it represents one of the most complex human endeavors, that cuts across disciplines, from the traditional architecture of buildings, to architecture of IT systems and of organisations and their processes.

Performance. It one of the most powerful words in the vocabulary. It provides the foundation for human administration and purposeful achievement of desired outcomes.


About this blog
This blog meant to reflect my Weltanschauung (worldview).

There are three themes addressed in this blog:
* Life – reflections on everyday life
* Nature –  thoughts on sustainability and how we can learn from nature
* Administrative science – views on various aspects of organisational capabilities and disciplines such as Strategic Management, Enterprise Architecture, Project Management, Service Management, Performance Management and Systems Thinking.