officially launched


The highlight of this week was the official launch of It is the culmination of over 5 years of research, 1 year of web development and 6 moths of beta testing.

I am pleased with both the quality of the website and the experience of developing it. Everyone in the project team, form the project manager, to business analysts, web developers, graphic artists, researchers and editors worked with dedication and enthusiasm, which was very rewarding.

I would like to thank all of them for achieving this milestone. Additional thanks to the project advisors, for their guidance and support, as well as to all the beta users that provided valuable feedback during testing.

Excerpt from the press release:

Melbourne, Australia, 4 November 2009 – eab group announced the launch, a free online database of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), supported by a Performance Management knowledge base and a community of users. currently contains over 600 KPIs (performance measures), from a variety of Functional Areas, such as Finance, HR, IT, Marketing and Industries, such as Retail, Hospitality, Agriculture and the Public Service. Navigation through the database is facilitated by a user friendly web interface allowing visitors to either browse or search for relevant performance measures. Each measure is documented in a structured template, containing fields such as: definition, variations, subordinate measures and calculation formula among others. To ensure the quality of the content, 3 Subject Matter Experts review each KPI page before being published. As new performance measures are documented and posted daily, the database is expected to gradually grow to several thousand records.

In addition to a comprehensive list of performance measures, also contains a variety of Performance Management resources to support the understanding and use of performance indicators: recommended articles, relevant links, templates as well as an introductory eLearning course in Performance Management and Measurement. is designed for executives, managers, consultants, analysts and other professionals from organisations from around the globe with an interest in Strategy, Performance Management and Measurement. Over 100 registered members from around the world provided valuable feedback during the beta testing of the site, participating in defining the desired content and the interaction model. All registered members can now use the website as a platform for interaction, as they can comment on KPIs, save KPIs to their personal list and propose new ones.

The value added by is represented by the streamlined access to a rich database of well defined performance measures, along with a comprehensive set of resources to guide the users in how to select and work with KPIs“, said Aurel Brudan, founder and director of eab group. “By using the resources available on the website and tapping in the collective experience of the community of users, everyone registered on will have the opportunity to learn more and improve the outcome of their performance management efforts.

New visitors can explore the website contents or register for free to access more content and join the community of users.